Dobsonei focus on delivering high quality
construction projects.

Our reputation is based on attention to detail, open clear communication
and reliable professional service.

We have experience delivering award winning residential and commercial
projects in both Australia and London.

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Quality Residential


Dobsonei are a solutions based construction company who works closely with clients, architects and designers. We design and build functional, cost effect projects and deliver projects beyond expectations.

Over 28 years of building and project management experience across Australia and Europe with leading construction companies such as Bovis Lend Lease, Built and Huxley Homes.

This wealth of knowledge has given us the edge on solutions based building issues, resolving details with more than one option and finding ways to make considerable cost savings without impacting the overall intent.


Communication in the building industry is critical as it is an extremely complex process. Finishes, options and details need to come together to successfully build your project. To enable this to be carried out with minimum stress, clear open communication must be made between clients, designers, certifiers, sub-contractors, suppliers and even neighbours to ensure that the expectation of all are met.

Dobsonei have proven communication systems in place, including regular site meetings, project reports, construction programs, open communication and signoff procedures to ensure there is clarity of decision making of what and when things are happening.

Design Development

Being part of the design development phase (or design prior to Council Submission) impacts on the cost savings of the project and will save considerable time. By being part of the design process we have saved our clients considerable money towards construction costs.


The quality of any project is only as good as our sub-contractors. We have both local and regional subcontractors who we have used for many years and are able to select the right subcontractor for the project. Our open relationship with our delivery team enables details and finishes to be done once and correctly in order to minimise long lists of defects.

Our quality control system ensures that each member of the team takes care and responsibility in delivering quality the first time and every time.

Commitment to the Industry

As part of our passion for the building industry we have been invited presenters and public speakers at the NSW HIA Home Show for many years. Our presentations have explained and helped people through this exciting but complex industry. Our knowledge has helped thousands of people make their building experience memorable for all the right reasons.